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Meet My Pack

Hey there I'm Adia & this is My Woof Pack...



Mother of 7 including 4 fur babies Bella, Athena, Raina, & Apollo (see pics) and a host of extended pup children through my clients & rescue Woof Houze Canine Rescue. I've spent most of my life bettering the health & wellness of humans and now I've shifted my focus onto canines. I have a bachelors in exercise science & kinesiology from Robert Morris University, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu completing studies on Classical Cuisine and Nutrition. As well a a Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant. In regards to canine nutrition, I have certifications from DNM Dogs Naturally University in:

  • Raw Food Nutrition

  • Pet Food Nutrition Specialist 

  • Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist

  • Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist 

I'm currently enrolled in the Animal Behavior Institute to obtain my certification in Advanced Canine Behavior. I also hold a CPCR (CPR) certification to assist you in the knowledge to help your furry family member in a health crisis. I look forward to getting to know about you and your pup.

Why We Need Change...

We are here because I believe veterinary medicine is failing our fur babies. Despite ‘advances’ in veterinary treatment, the life spans in canines are decreasing drastically and they are living, disease-filled lives. We Need Change! I feel we need to take back control of our dogs' health. My mission is about empowering people to do that. Sometimes that means finding and working with a new holistic vet, sometimes it means going to your conventional vet armed with power and knowledge, and sometimes it means skipping the vet altogether and using home remedies."

We need to build our arsenal of knowledge and known how to prolong the life our our furry family members. Join me to assist you pet in living and leading a happy healthy life! #betheirvoice

Who AM I...




Apollo-Akita-Shepard Mix

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