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Products Made With Purpose

Not all products are created equal, we're here to help you choose the right ones for your pup.

Organic | Gluten Free | Non-Gmo


Our Promise

Our promise is to treat your dog like he was our own furry family member. That's why we're so excited to share our 100% natural and homemade products with you.But our promise and mission doesn't end there...

We are here because I believe veterinary medicine is failing our fur babies. Despite ‘advances’ in veterinary treatment, the life spans in canines are decreasing drastically and they are living, disease-filled lives. I feel we need to take back control of our dogs' health. My mission is about empowering people to do that. Sometimes that means finding and working with a new holistic vet, sometimes it means going to your conventional vet armed with power and knowledge, and sometimes it means skipping the vet altogether and using home remedies."

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Make Natural, Earth Friendly Products Affordable. Every dog deserves healthy products that are free of harmful and synthetic ingredients. And every dog deserves an environment that's safe and free of toxins.

That's why Woof Pack Nutrition supports organic farmers and uses clean labels and packaging to ensure a healthy tomorrow for all the creatures on the planet.




It's a big relief to know what's in the treats you are giving your pup? With simple, natural ingredients, our treats & meals give you a piece of mind. 


Because our treats are made from simple tasty ingredients, actually 1 ingredient they are irresistible to pups. Your pup will focus and feel  better. 

Perfect for All Sizes & Ages

Not only is our founder a classically trained Chef, but she's also a certified canine nutritionist. This has helped to create products your pup will love no matter the age or size.

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